Rent To Buy - Tailor Made Solutions

There are a number of ways we can help you work toward home ownership.
Because everybodys requirements for a home are a little different along with their financial situation, often rent to own programs are tailor made.

There Are Many Different Types Of Rent To Own Programs

Throughout New Zealand you'll find many different programs, some are known as rent 2 own, rent to buy, lease purchase, lease with option to purchase, seller or owner financing, 100% finance, installment agreements and homebuyers programs to name a few.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the property, length of the agreement, rates, insurance, interest rates, weekly credit and what the person offering the home to you is trying to achieve along with your financial situation and history will dictate the weekly payments and deposit or down payment and also the type of rent to own program they offer you.

The process is simple...

  • Check out available homes
  • Select a home you like
  • Contact the advertiser
  • Discuss your needs
  • Apply for the home

Homes in The Hutt Valley & Porirua

With rent to buy homes in Lower Hutt / Porirua / Upper Hutt run by this websites owner you'll make weekly payments the same as todays low standard bank rate which Westpac charges. The more deposit you have to work with the lower your payments will be each week. Deposits start at as little $2000, which is not much more than a bond.

We help you by giving you a credit each week toward the purchase price, the same as if you were paying off a loan from the bank. This means your purchase price drops every week.

You don't need good credit to benefit from one of our rent to buy homes, so check it out now.

The purchase price is not jacked up, but is todays price.
If this sounds like you and you'd like to get a feel whether this will suit you and look into it further then firstly visit the home you like, then complete the application form at the Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt Valley and Porirua home.

Remember if you don't get on the property ladder you'll always be paying rent. How much have you wasted in the last year, two years or more?

Rent to Buy Homes in NZ

If you are after a home in another area please contact that advertiser.

Rent to own programs are ideal for people with previous credit issues, low incomes, self-employed, single incomes and all sorts of situations which up till now have meant you weren’t able to qualify for a mortgage or home loan to own your own home.

Get On The Property Ladder

How much was a home 10 years ago? A lot less than today and in another 10 years they'll cost even more. We may not have your ideal property, home, house or piece of real estate but it’s getting started now, that has you one day, get what you really want. It's easy to move up the ladder when you're on it!

Ask Yourself Where Were You Five Years Ago? 

Where will you be in another five years, if you don’t get involved today Will you own your own home or will you still be stuck in the rent trap making your Landlord Rich?
Think of all the money that you’ve paid out in the past, isn’t it time to create that stability and security for you and your family, for your future and theres’?

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Become A Home Owner

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