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If you feel it's time you owned your own home and provided for your families future, we may be able to help.

When would now be a good time to get out of the rent trap?

Rent to Own & Rent to Buy Homes

“Don’t Waste Another Rent Payment
Making your Landlord Rich
Until You Consider A Rent To Own Program
And How We Can Help YOU
Work Toward Home Ownership, Right Now...
It’s Easy To Apply”

I have been helping people like you into their own homes since 2002. This means like other advertisers, I have experience, a track record and because I've been around for sometime, a person who’s earned peoples trust - because we've got people into owning their own home. Put simply we've helped people achieve their goals where otherwise they wouldn't have!

You can stop flushing away your rent money every week, stop making your Landlord rich, and rent to own a home and work toward home ownership right now, and advertisers on this website can help you every step of the way. In fact, we do most of the work for you.

Imagine: A home of your own! A fenced section for the kids. A garage for your car. Enough room for your stuff. All on a quiet street. Security and peace of mind.

What About Credit Problems?

Even if you do not have perfect credit, are self-employed, or a low income earner there are rent to own programs available for you.

Whatever your current situation, there’s probably a home just right for you – we can help you find it.

Won’t I Need A Big Deposit?

You don't need a large chunk of money for a deposit, sometimes it's as little as $2000. If you’ve been held back by the idea that you have to save $20,000, $30,000, or more to put down to buy a good home, we’ll show you how to avoid that altogether. You’ll need a little money but you’ll be surprised how little.

In fact we have homes that require work that you could do up yourself and increase the value of the house.

Every Week You Wait,
You’re Flushing Your Hard Earned Money
Right Down The Toilet

Renting is wasting money. You make your Landlord rich, but you do nothing for yourself.

By putting those exact same dollars into a “house payment” instead of “rent,” you build “credit”... so you can become a home owner – value that you then own, that later can send your kids to University, finance the start-up of your own business, or pay for your retirement. Be your own Landlord and build up a future of financial security like Alan and Maria of Porirua who reached their home ownership goal in less than a year simply by being involved in one of our Rent to Own programs or David and Shirley of Hutt City who in two short years had created $19,730.00.

We can even show you strategies people use to speed up paying off their mortgage without making extra payments.

You can use a rent to own program as the “foundation” of a complete change in your finances.

Working Toward Home Ownership Makes You Feel Good!

In addition to the smart financial reasons for buying your own home instead of renting, you will feel better about yourself, your spouse, and your family. You can decorate your home just as you please. You’ll enjoy inviting people over to your home.

There’s No Reason To Wait.
We Can Help You Work Toward Buying Your Own Home RIGHT NOW!

Rent To Own is New Zealand's leading advertiser of rent 2 own, rent to buy, lease with option to purchase and home buyer program properties. We offer you a selection of homes throughout New Zealand whether it's a three bedroom bungalow or a four bedroom townhouse you'll find it here at your finger tips.

Why Not Apply For A Rent To Own Home?
What Do You Have To Lose?

You can apply here through this website for free, simply by filling out our online questionnaire in available homes. This helps a rent to own advertiser establish your suitability for the house and speeds up the process so you can get working toward owning your own home faster.

Also if we currently don’t have a rent to own home that meets your needs at the moment, you can subscribe to get free updates, so you’ll be alerted as soon as homes become available in your area.


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